First Christian Church
521 Maple Avenue
New Martinsville, WV  26155
Contemporary Service 9:00am
Traditional Service 10:45
Elders Of The Church
First Christian Church, NewMartinsville, WV
Elders, totaling at most twelve, are elected approximately 1/3 each year for a term of 3years. After serving
one full term as a member of the Elders, members whose term expires, shall be ineligible for re-election for
The Elders shall:
    A) Be the spiritual leaders of the congregation.
    B) Meet regularly and carry out their ministry in cooperation with the Pastor;
    C) Be specifically responsible for:
    1.  Personally supporting and encouraging the mission and ministry of the congregation and of
    the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), according to the purpose of this congregation as
    stated in Article 1 of the constitution;
    2. Serving at the Lord's Table;
    3. Regularly carrying out visitation, and as needed;
    4. Publicly practicing the faith; and
    5. Developing a sense of teamwork and collegiality.

NMFCC Elders Shut-in Communion List
Term Ending 2019
Kent Burgey
Todd Bates
Don Riggenbach
Penny Morris
Term Ending 2020
David Brideman
Anna Barrick
David Grandstaff
Melinda Grandstaff
Term Ending 2018
Joel Potts III
Brenda Hardman
Matt Riggenbach
Gary Mallett